Welcome Fellow Transcriber,

We're excited you're interested in freelance work with “Daily Transcription!” We're sure you're talented enough to do the work… the question is,“Is this something you want to do?”

We are a small post production company specializing in transcription services for production and entertainment companies with daily delivery, hence the name "Daily Transcription."

We are looking for professional and novice transcribers, who we can call on an as-needed basis to work from their homes. We may keep you really busy or you can take it at your own pace.

What do we consider to be a "professional transcriber”… "entertainment background"?

It's not brain surgery, but it requires reliable individuals committed to perfection! From time to time the sound quality is poor and you have to listen late at night over and over again to the same sentence. Provided your test submission is to our standards, we'll contact you based upon our needs, your experience, your reply, referrals, etc.