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  • September 2023
    M T W T F S S
  • September 2023
    M T W T F S S

General Transcription Course 101 – Acquire Fundamental Skills


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As-Broadcast Script Transcription CourseDo you want to stay at home and make a great income? Are you a Freelancer or a Sub contractor looking for consistent projects? The easy solution is by becoming a transcriptionist.

And here is the blueprint for building your work-from-home transcription career by using our general transcription course.

This course includes:

  • ∞ Full Lifetime Access

  • Text and Video Lessons
  • Transcription Templates
  • 📹 On-demand Video and Text lectures
  • 🖹  Downloadable Resources
  • 📱 Access on Mobile and Computer
  • Practice files
  • Access to an Instructor for Q/A
  • Certificate of completion



  • Headphones
  • Computer with Internet access
  • Microsoft Word or compatible software

This course is designed to help you:

  • Learn about working and making an income as a transcriptionist
  • Transcribe an audio or video file from start to finish with minimal mistakes
  • Master grammar and punctuation so you can type what is being said with accuracy, even if the speaker isn’t using accurate grammar
  • Increase your productivity so you’re able to get through transcription projects faster with no errors
  • Learn advanced techniques such as working with files with more than two speakers or timestamping
  • Gain hands-on experience by transcribing practice files that correspond to a specific transcription skill

Produce professional transcripts faster

Transcription can be easy if you are willing to learn. There’s techniques within the industry and software used to create error-free transcription and help you save time transcribing. This technique is what distinguishes you as a professional. To succeed at transcription, you need to know how to produce professional-level transcripts that people are willing to pay for and do so in an efficient manner. You also need to master not only simple transcription skills, but harder skills such as cleaning up bad audio, tracking more than two speakers, and timestamping a file. While these skills are more challenging to learn, they also increase the type of jobs you can take on and the amount you can earn. And we provide the premium standard magic formula. 

What you’ll learn

  • Materials you’ll need to transcribe
  • How much you can make as a transcriber
  • Your responsibilities as a transcriber
  • Transcription jargon
  • Transcribe easy and hard audio files
  • Gain professional transcription skills
  • How to transcribe numbers
  • Setting up transcription softwares
  • What timecodes are, types and how to insert them in your file
  • How to stand out with transcription companies and remote job platforms
  • How to handle low-quality audios
  • How to proofread a file (grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and punctuation standards)
  • How to apply with the most renowned transcription companies and what they have to offer

Course overview

We will teach you everything you need to know to master transcription and create professional transcripts in as little time as possible. This course has text and video lessons to take you through beginning to advanced transcription course skills. You’ll also have access to video and audio projects, grammar and punctuation resources, practice tests, and the chance to learn from your own mistakes with a one-on-one exercise with one of our teachers.