Using AI for Transcribers 125 - Become indispensable - Daily Transcription Academy
  • September 2023
    M T W T F S S
  • September 2023
    M T W T F S S

Using AI for Transcribers Course 125 -Learn Advanced Skills & Become Indispensable


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As-Broadcast Script Transcription CourseIt’s widely known that AI will replace a lot of industries, and threatens to replace transcribers. A lot of transcription companies are using AI nowadays, but they still need someone to revise the work.
Do you want to work remotely editing AI-generated transcripts? Here’s how to do it!

This course includes:

  • ∞ Full lifetime access

  • 🖹 Text and Video Lessons
  • Transcription Templates
  • 📹 On-demand Video and Text Lectures
  • 🖹 Downloadable Resources
  • Practice Files
  • Access to our Instructor for Q/A
  • 📱 Access on Mobile and Computer
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Learn about working and making an income transcribing and editing an AI-generated transcript
  • Create a transcript using an AI software from start to finish with minimal mistakes
  • Increase your productivity so you’re able to get through almost twice the amount of transcription projects

Produce professional transcripts faster

If you are already a transcriber, this course will boost your productivity! Every transcriber knows that it’s not just a matter of typing really fast, accuracy is very important when it comes to transcribing. But if you are already pretty good and want to tackle more projects, AI is your ally, not your enemy. Using AI technology to produce transcripts for you will allow you to take on more projects, resulting in more money.
If you’re new to transcription and want to start working remotely, you can benefit from this course as well! AI has come to stay, but human brains and ears will always be needed! We provide the formula to beat AI.

What you’ll learn

  • Materials you’ll need to edit AI-generated transcripts
  • How much you can make editing AI-generated transcripts
  • What’s the role of an AI editor
  • How to work with the best AI transcript generator and why you need to do it
  • Two ways of editing an AI-generated transcripts
  • What are your options working with AI-generated transcripts and the most important transcription companies that will allow you to do it

Course overview

We will teach you how to work with an AI transcription generator and create professional transcripts in as little time as possible. This course has detailed step-by-step guides on how to generate, export and edit an AI-generated transcript allowing you to take on more projects. Transcription experience isn’t mandatory to take this course.