Transcription Foot Pedal USB

Transcription Foot Pedal USB



There are a lot of students who prefer remote jobs along with their studies and for that transcription is one of the best options available. A lot of students look forward to the business of transcription so that they not only study but also earn good money. If you are also aiming to fasten up your earnings you will need a helping hand. So, a transcription foot pedal USB can be very beneficial for all the youngsters out there who aspire to become a transcriber.


Transcription Foot Pedal USB helps you control audio playback with your toes. With this, your fingers are free to type. As a newbie in the field of transcription, this is the best way to ramp up your transcription speed. As a youngster, you always need to have some guidance and learn to excel in any field. In transcription, you have Daily Transcription Academy as your mentor which helps you to become an expert transcriber in a small period of time. Daily Transcription Academy provides all the assistance in order to make you a well-versed transcriptionist besides navigating you toward a good wealthy future.


Where can we get the transcription foot pedal USB? Well, Daily Transcription Academy is not just a mentor it’s like a Doraemon which has all the gadgets that you need. So dear Nobitas, you can get a transcription foot pedal USB from Daily Transcription Academy only.


What is a transcription foot pedal?


Foot pedals are specifically made for audio transcription which usually has three buttons. In a typical configuration, the middle button is to ‘Play’, while the left button is to ‘Rewind’ and the right button is to ‘Fast-Forward’. These functions may also be changed. You can connect pedals for transcription either by serial or USB port. You assemble it all, and your transcription foot pedal is absolutely ready for you. Transcription Foot Pedal USB is compatible with both Mac and PC with a wide range of digital transcription software.


So, don’t restrict yourself to school/college projects or homework, instead, take a step ahead and start working remotely. No one wants to be dependent these days. Start working right away and earn money along with your studies. This is what the future is and let’s be the future. Join in the adventure of transcription by boarding the train with Daily Transcription Academy and it will definitely lead you to your destination of a wealthy life.